Summer Atlantic Capital Profile

Company Profile

Summer Atlantic Capital is an innovative investment company based on global resources and asset investment. The company's core team, consists of a group of seasoned Investment Managers, Investment Bankers and industry experts, have extensive experience in Industry Investments, Private Equity, Asset Management, Portfolio Management, Corporate M&A, Restructuring and the integration of different assets.

Summer Atlantic Capital’s main investment areas include but not limited to TMT and Consumers.  

Through the understanding and analyzing of what’s going on in the market, the team at Summer Atlantic Capital leverages the principles of value investing, combined with quantitative analytics and highly disciplined behavior management, Summer Atlantic Capital is committed to follow through and manage the whole investment process in the following aspects: 
  • Managing risk and maximizing the return on investment of limited partners in the financing side; 
  • Enabling companies in both financial and growth parts through value creation and the integration of industry resources in the investment       side; 
  • Making strategic decisions and executing them via transparent, and highly disciplined ways and methods;
  • Exiting and closing deals effectively by integrating industry resources and the value of capital markets.

Our services include: venture capital, investment management, asset management, credit investment, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and other services.

Summer Atlantic Capital is determined to become the benchmark for the development of enterprises through capital integration,  and lead the progress of global industry and society.